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Do your employees speak English?



Can projects be completed while I am not at home?

Yes. My employees are honest, trustworthy, and can complete the project while you are away from home.

Will there be a foreman or contact person on my job at all times?

Yes. Every job will have an experienced foreman present from start to finish.

  Everyone says they are insured. How can I tell if I'm protected?

Homeowners are liable when injury occurs to any personnel or property and their employees are uninsured. All Preferred Painting, Inc. employees are fully covered by insurance, so you can rest assured that you are not responsible for any occupational hazards. Download a pdf of our insurance form here.

Does it matter if painters are emloyees or subcontractors?

It does matter. Subcontractors may not have insurance and the company you hired may not have any control over subcontractor schedules or personnel. It is always smart to hire employees. All Preferred Painting, Inc. painters are employed by the company. We keep our word about when we're coming and fulfilling all deadlines.

How do I evaluate different prices for the same job?

Quality matters. Like anything else in this world, you get what you pay for. Choosing the proper materials and professional painters will add life to your project and ensure your satisfaction. Preferred Painting, Inc. guarantees quality paints, materials, and the fulfillment of all your expectations.





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